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Not all forms of artificial light are equally effective when it comes to indoor growing. Some types may not be equipped to support healthy vegetation, and others may consume large amounts of energy and drive up operating costs. When creating your indoor growing setup, it’s crucial to invest in great lights that will encourage strong plant development while lowering expenses.

Over the last several years, LED lights have become an increasingly popular choice amongst growers who want to take their system to the next level. But what makes LED lights so great for indoor growing? Quality LED grow lights offer a number of serious advantages, including:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

LED lights are one of the most energy efficient bulb options on the market. They use roughly 50-75% less energy than traditional filament bulbs, which can significantly reduce utility bills each month. 

Longer Lifespan

Most LED bulbs have a lifespan of over 54,000 hours, which is over 6 years of continuous use. Compared to other options, such as incandescent bulbs that only last around 750 hours, LEDs are the longest-lasting lighting solution on the market. A longer lifespan will help you:

  • Produce less waste
  • Spend less time on maintenance
  • Save money on replacement lighting

Full Light Spectrum

Plants need specific wavelengths of light in order to photosynthesize and grow properly. While many types of artificial light lack these wavelengths, quality LED lights deliver a full spectrum of light. At ESTtech, we are proud to offer superior LED technology that emits wavelengths ranging from 280-800 nm to promote healthy plant development.

Lower Heat Emissions

Traditional forms of artificial light, such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, are notorious for emitting heat while in use. This can make it challenging to maintain optimal temperatures in your grow room and may increase utility costs by requiring the use of fans or AC systems. LED lights produce virtually no heat, which makes temperature regulation easier and less expensive.

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Why Use LED Lights for Growing in Vancouver WA

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