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Growing at home can be a rewarding experience. However, it can also feel intimidating to get started – especially if you’re completely new to indoor horticulture. From lighting and watering to temperature and humidity, there are tons of different factors that can impact the overall health of your plants. Thankfully, growing at home doesn’t have to be overly complicated. With the right tools and knowledge, you will be able to create an efficient and fruitful growing environment with ease. Here are our top tips on how to grow at home:

Choose the Right Location

Theoretically, you can choose any spot to create a grow space inside of your home. However, some areas may be better suited for plants than others. When selecting a location, try to find one that:  

  • Offers convenient access to water and electricity
  • Is large enough to accommodate plants and equipment
  • Has a non-porous, non-absorbent floor
  • Is insulated from outdoor weather conditions

Set Up a Watering System

Though some growers choose to hand-water their plants, a watering system can save time while ensuring your plants are always getting what they need to thrive. Particularly if you are planning a large grow area, you may benefit from a watering system such as:

  • Indoor water drip system
  • Self-watering pot
  • Soaker hose
  • Timed sprinkler

Choose the Right Lights

Great lighting is one of the most important aspects of indoor growing. Without access to the sun, your plants will need artificial lighting that can provide a full spectrum of wavelengths to promote strong growth. When choosing lights, you will also want to consider factors such as heat output and energy consumption, which can impact your space’s efficiency or productivity. 

At ESTtech, we are proud to offer a wide variety of LED grow lights that will encourage healthy plant development while making daily operations fast and easy. They are made using quality materials that will extend their lifespan and minimize the need for maintenance. And thanks to our patented technology, our lights can penetrate deeper into the canopy with a wide range of wavelengths that are specifically designed to support plant health.

Promote Airflow

Even a little bit of circulation can have a positive effect on your grow space. A small breeze can prevent pests from landing on your plants while also moving oxygen and carbon dioxide evenly around the room. And best yet, airflow is one of the easiest and least expensive components of a great indoor grow room. If your room doesn’t already have fans, add a couple oscillating ones to mimic a light breeze.

Build Your Dream Grow Space

Want to create a vibrant and efficient grow room in your home? Set yourself up for success with ESTtech’s premier LED grow lights! Our patented lens technology is backed by over 20 years of research, so they are perfectly optimized to promote robust plant growth. Whether you’re completely new to home growing or you’ve maintained an indoor garden for years, we offer a wide range of lights that will suit your space and needs. To get started, browse our lighting systems today!

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