Benefits of LED Grow Lights

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Though there are many different types of artificial light, not all are optimized for plant health. LED lights have become one of the most popular choices for commercial growers and serious hobbyists, and for good reason. Understanding how LED light affects plant growth can help you determine if these lights are right for your growing operation.

What Type of Light Do Plants Need?

Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, which forms wavelengths and frequencies. Some wavelengths are visible in the form of colors, while others are not – such as ultraviolet or gamma rays. Different wavelengths of light can trigger specific biological processes in plants, which is why they need several different types of light in order to survive. 

Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) is a term that describes the waveband of light that plants need for photosynthesis. PAR light can be broken down into these three main types of light that plants need to thrive:

  • Far-red light with a wavelength ranging from 700-800 nm is important for promoting bigger leaf sizes and can induce flowering in some plants. 
  • Violet or blue light with a wavelength of 380-500 nm can encourage sprouting and strong development throughout the life cycle.
  • Green light with a wavelength between 550-600 nm helps to reinforce strong plant structures, making them more hardy as they grow.

Are LED Lights Good for Plants?

In recent years, LED lights have become the number one choice for commercial growers and serious hobbyists because they can deliver a higher amount of PAR light. Additionally, quality LED grow lights offer a number of other benefits that will support indoor growing, such as:

  • Low heat output
  • Even light distribution
  • Low energy consumption
  • Highly adjustable light intensity
  • Minimal maintenance
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